Complaints board for domain names


The Complaints Board for Domain Names

The Complaints Board for Domain Names is an independent complaints board that considers:

  1. disputes between domain name registrants and third parties concerning registration and use of domain names under the Danish .dk domain as well as
  2. complaints about decisions made by DIFO/DK Hostmaster about compliance with the stipulated terms and conditions of business (”General Conditions”).

A complaint may be submitted by any person who has a sufficient interest in the outcome of the case. The chairman of the Complaints Board decides whether the complainant has a sufficient interest.

The Complaints Board decides whether the registration of a domain name is to be maintained, deleted, suspended or transferred to the complainant or to a natural or legal person appointed by the complainant. In addition, the Complaints Board can confirm, cancel, change or refer back a decision made by DK Hostmaster/DIFO about compliance with the terms and conditions of business (”General Conditions”). 

The Complaints Board cannot decide on any payment of damages, remuneration or compensation.

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Guidance for complainants and defendants

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